IBM Scientific Awards

Pinar Oguz Ekim is the second woman to receive the IBM Scientific Award in 23 years. The award ceremony takes place this Tuesday in Lisbon.

The award, worth €15,000, “aims to distinguish the contribution of research work to the development of computer science and information technology,” IBM said in a statement.

The work of Pinar Ekim, from the Institute of Systems and Robotics (Instituto Superior Técnico), is entitled “Robust location algorithms in sensor networks with target tracking applications”, is based on the PhD thesis of the researcher and addresses” the problem for the determination of geographical positions of one or more agents (eg people, vehicles or animals) from measures of mutual distance and distances to reference points “.

According to the company, “this work introduces a new approach in how, in places where it is not possible to access the GPS system (either by equipment limitations or by the absence of GPS signals indoors), alternative technologies can be used to measure distances using acoustic signals, radio signals, or both”.

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